Digital Millennium Copyright Act Policy

At Organic Gardening for Beginners by Hardy Garden LLC, we let people share their content on our website. We don't check every piece of content people upload, but we take copyright very seriously. If someone uploads something they shouldn't, we want to know and will work to fix it.

If you think someone has shared your copyrighted content without permission on our site, please tell us. To help us fix things faster, we have a form for you to use.

When you tell us about a possible copyright issue, please be clear and include:

  1. Your signature (it can be electronic) or the signature of the person who owns the copyright.
  2. Details about the copyrighted work that you believe was shared without permission.
  3. Where we can find the content on our site (please give us the exact web page address).
  4. How we can get in touch with you (like your name, address, phone number, and email).
  5. A statement saying you believe the content was used in a way that wasn't allowed by the copyright owner or the law.
  6. A statement saying that everything you've told us is true, and you're allowed to act for the copyright owner.

Remember, it's against the law to lie about copyright infringement. If you make a false claim, you might have to face legal consequences.

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